Infographics: The World’s Most Remarkable Hotels

Do you want to stay in an unusual, enchanting, adventurous or high-tech hotel on your next trip? Meet some of the world’s coolest hotels! The world’s tallest hotel is perched 12,750 feet high near

3 Outstanding River Tours That Will Enhance Your Vacation

Source: Flickr A great way to see your vacation destination is to take an organised tour. In many places this will be undertaken on a bus, but many also have a river cruise. Each

Broaden Your Horizons With A Safari

Source: Flickr Ask anyone that’s been on a Kruger National Park Safari and they’ll be sure to tell you how the South African wilderness has a way of immersing you in stillness and reminding

Beautiful Places To Visit In England

Historic sites, ancient mysteries, incredible castles, world-class museums, quaint villages, and fascinating glimpses into the past are all on offer here in England. Also for those of you who love a bit of retail

Gran Canaria Beaches: You Really Are Spoilt For Choice!

License: Image author owned If you’re looking for an offbeat holiday, why not head off to the idyllic island of Gran Canaria, located 130 miles from the African coast along the Atlantic Ocean. The

5 Most Common Visa Application Blunders

Source: Flickr In almost every country, attempting to migrate or simply spending holidays abroad can be a difficult experience. The travelling isn’t what makes it difficult, nor is the packing – it’s the application

How To Ease The Stress Of Travel?

Source: Flickr Traveling for the holidays can be a stressful time.  Firstly there’s the mad panic of getting everyone’s suitcases packed the night before or even, more often than not, the morning before you

Stags Gone La-la-la-Latvia

Playing away Gone are the days when a stag do meant a gathering down the local pub for a quiet few. This tradition has evolved into a major industry offering weekends or even a

5 Tips To Long Distance Flights

Air travel can be quite a drag and spending a lot of time on one spot can be straining both to your body and mind. Long distance flights are especially tricky and you should

Road Tripping With Furry Friends? Follow These Tips!

Your dog or cat is part of your family. That’s why you spend so much time (and money) making sure your pet is cared for and well loved. And when it comes time for

Top 4 Tallest Building Under Construction

Mankind has been fascinated by tall buildings ever since it was able to lay one brick onto another. While buildings such as cathedrals and towers were built that could soar for several hundred feet,